Meet Kaitlin French: Fashion Model & Influencer Based in Baltimore Talks Safety While Modeling in 2021 + More

Kaitlin French, born December 29th, 1995 is a fashion model and influencer originally from Brooklyn, NY now I living in Baltimore, MD. Coming from a loving family with 2 sisters and 1 brother. Growing up she was different. She got teased like many other small kids but being around her fashionista older sister, she has always had a keen interest in fashion, but never felt confident enough and like many never really knew where to start. She always had a closet full of designer clothes and purses and would always play dress up in her closet.

As she got older she watched America’s Next Top Model, which also inspired her. She didn’t really start modeling until she was 20 and met a photographer from for a photoshoot. After posting those pictures online, her social media presence took off and she had small companies and more photographers messaging to collaborate. She also had the opportunity to participate in Durham Fashion Week thanks to a family friend and clothing designer (Shavonne Brown). Now she only does paid work. Her next step is finding representation. Like any career, becoming a successful model takes a lot of dedication and hard work and Kaitlin is ready for everything that comes.

COVID 19 has been a tragedy for millions, Kaitlin included. She and her fiancé lost their jobs at the very start and for a while it was very hard for them. She still continued to strive and work her hardest at modeling all while going to school (virtually) to become a nurse. “Some Photographers canceled all together but the ones that still chose to shoot followed safety protocols: we wore masks when not shooting, kept our distance and I was only allowed to bring one person.” -Kaitlin

She always brought her fiancé, who is very supportive and goes with her to every shoot. Many modeling companies chose to do virtual open calls and many cancelled open calls all together. Modeling from a physical perspective is all about the look and being a black woman with tattoos already makes it hard, but her personality shines bright like a diamond.

“ I have a lot planned in my head for this upcoming year but manifesting is only the first step. I got some people flying me out for photoshoots and I hope to find suitable representation to take me to the next level.”-Kaitlin French

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